DPInterface Canon EOS 5D Mark II Photo Gallery
Brad Soo - Updated October 8th, 2008

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You've seen the photos, now read the Canon EOS 5D Mark II preview! For now, I've got what everyone's been after over here - high ISO samples from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II!


All of the photos in this gallery were taken in Aperture Priority mode with auto white balance, default settings and at 21M/Fine quality, with any changes noted. The lens used on the camera was a Canon EF 24-70 f2.8L USM lens. Clicking on the photo thumbnail will open up the full-sized photo (Caution: Large file size). All photos here are straight out of the camera (means no editing or processing whatsoever was done)

IMG 9917.JPG

5616 x 3744
70 mm (ISO 3200)
1/50 sec, F5.6
Spot metering used

IMG 9918.JPG

5616 x 3744
70 mm (ISO 6400)
1/80 sec, F5.6
Spot metering used

IMG 9919.JPG

5616 x 3744
70 mm (ISO 12800)
1/160 sec, F5.6
Spot metering used



IMG 9920.JPG

5616 x 3744
70 mm (ISO 25600)
1/320 sec, F5.6
Spot metering used



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